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Q:  How frequently should sessions be scheduled?
       A: Usually once a week is recommended. In special situations, you and I may agree that more sessions are needed to address the current situation.   

Q: Will I need to take medication?
        A; Psychologists do not prescribe medication; psychiatrists do. Psychologists treat with talk therapy, whereas psychiatrists treat with medication and do not do talk therapy. If you and I determine that you need medication, I will work with you to find a psychiatrist and work with them to assist you get the most benefit from the talk therapy that we will undertake.

Q: How long will the therapy take?
        A:That depends on the type of issue and on your level of commitment to work on the issue in between sessions.

Q: How much will my insurance reimburse me for the sessions?
        A: Call your insurance and ask what the "usual and customary fees" are for psychologists for an Initial Evaluation and Individual or Couples session. That amount is what they would send you.

Q: Is everything I say confidential?
        A: Everything is confidential unless it pertains to child abuse, elder abuse, and issues related to child custody. Under the first two circumstances, in certain states, I will have to report. In the child custody cases, I may be ordered by the court to give testimony.

Q: If I want my therapy to be totally private what can I do?
          A: When you pay me directly, you are fully protected. If you, however, file for reimbursement from your insurance company, your presence in therapy may be available to agencies that require medical records to be part of a interview process (e.g., police departments and some federal agencies).

















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